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By wata, history, 2 months ago, In English

We will hold THIRD PROGRAMMING CONTEST 2022 (AtCoder Heuristic Contest 017).

AtCoder Heuristic Contest (AHC) is a series of programming contests that will be held regularly on AtCoder. Unlike algorithm contests such as ABC/ARC/AGC, the goal is to create a better solution to a problem for which it is difficult to find the optimal solution. We will hold a long-term contest with a duration of more than a week and a short-term contest with a duration of less than a day, alternately about once a month.

AHC uses a new rating system that is different from the existing ABC/ARC/AGC rating system. Unlike the ABC/ARC/AGC ratings, AHC rating does not decrease even if contest performance is poor. Please feel free to participate. You can check the current ranking here: https://atcoder.jp/ranking?contestType=heuristic

We are looking forward to your participation!

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Hello! I'm trying to register and I see


I don't have japanese fonts installed, but even with them I won't understand anything.

I beleive that this form is like codeforces' argeement of participation, but don't want to press register button agreeing with something unknown.

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    This is not an agreement form, but a form to provide personal information to the sponsoring company. If you do not live in Japan, you can register without filling out the form. We will improve the form in future contests to make it easier to understand.