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Hi everyone,

I recently gained access to the use of GitHub Copilot, which has sped up my general coding productivity.

I used some of its suggestions in contest 1791. My solution to problem B (191861569) was almost entirely suggested by Copilot, however I believe the problem was not sufficiently difficult to warrant a complicated solution, and a solution that I would generate myself without any suggestions would not differ by much!

Unfortunately, submission 191870203 is extremely similar to mine! Naturally, the Codeforces system picked up on this similarity and disqualified myself and ggalakhov.

I do not know if ggalakhov used Copilot, I would not be surprised if they did.

My question is simply: Is the use of GitHub Copilot against the rules of Codeforces?

If not, is there a way I can prove my innocence? Blog entry 8790 by MikeMirzayanov was written before the creation of these AI tools, and I don't think took into account this possibility.

For reference I attach an image of the copilot suggestion: /predownloaded/8c/8c/8c8c6e41442ff5a791919bf34b82b942e80086f1.png

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Turns out I don't know how to attach images, let me try again:

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