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Hello guys , i have started doing problems higher than my rating. But i need suggestions related to "how to practice problems" , do i need to take a break for learning topics like dp , graphs etc? and once I'll become intermediate in these topics I'll again start giving contest. Currently I am doing random problems(myrating + 400) , do i need to filter problems using tags and then practice or it is good to practice randomly?

Please give suggestion so that I'll become better.

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Actually you dont need to take break to learn topic if you have enough time for example learn some topic for example learn graph from USACO and spend 2-3 hours for practice.And then do normal practice.But in normal practice firstly start your rating+200 and do it until you do it very fast and you feel comfortable.Then increase rating of question and do it.You can also Atcoder beginner contest for speed and implement skills.And join every contest rating is not important.You learn from failure. Good luck!

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Also it is interesting how to get completely new ideas for myself(I do cp without a coach)