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Hello everyone, How do I improve my greedy thinking and solve more problems with it. I need youtube videos, blogs or good problems to train myself on it, plz.

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My advice would be to just solve random problems of your rating+100,+200 anything out of your comfort zone with greedy and constructive problem tag

The most important thing is to know that for any rating greedy/constructive questions are the toughest and you need to put a lot of time to solve them so please don't refer to solutions very quickly, It takes time to solve these problems just give the problem appropriate time (I would suggest at least 90 minutes) and then if you have no observations just see the solution (EDITORIAL SOLUTION, NOT A VIDEO) as while reading editorial for greedy/constructive problem you would exactly understand how to step by step taking minute observations to reach to a solution

Follow this and you would be really good and fast at solving greedy problems.

Also, you can refer to the CSES problem set for greedy it's really good.

Hope this helps!

Enjoy coding :)

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