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Asking genuine doubts is a fault on Codeforces?? Or they become a source of mockery.

This guy NeverCompromise literally mocked on this blog .

If you do not want to answer such doubts, please don't just ignore, what sense does it makes by mocking other?? These kind of people should be banned I firmly believe. This is a Codeforces Community to learn and grow I presume, not source of entertainment when someone is seriously asking something.

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Perhaps don't ask questions which have already been answered by blogs in the past (As you yourself admit to knowing in your blog). Also, I find the bit about "seriously asking" a bit funny, since you haven't practised a single problem in over a year. So maybe stop posting dumb blogs and then getting salty when someone makes a little joke.

A simple google search yields several blogs, which answer all your questions and more, one of which is: This

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He was just joking around. I don't think something like that is worth banning. Just ignore him and maybe calm down a little buddy.