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I think most of us would agree that seeing the tags before solving a problem often spoils it.

By default, CodeForces shows all tags and difficulty ratings next to every problem before you even click into it. Also, on the statement page itself, the tags and difficulty are shown on the side.

This makes it so that when I link a problem to my friends who happen to not be signed in, or maybe even don't have a CF account (I just want to show them the problem statement because I think it is interesting), then they see the tags right away.

Even if you are signed in, by default the tags still show. You need to go into your account settings to toggle them off. Many new users may not be aware of this feature.

I think the ideal functionality would be to hide the tags and rating by default, then have one spoiler button which reveals the tags and one spoiler button which reveals the difficulty, regardless of whether or not you are signed in.

There are a number of browser extensions which improve this experience a lot, but again, the problem is primarily not for dedicated CF users who would have these extensions. I think if this default behavior was changed, many users would appreciate the quality of life upgrade and it would be a lot easier to send problems around to my friends.

That being said, I have no idea how difficult this is to implement. If it's not feasible for any reason, that's understandable. Thanks for hearing this request out anyway :)

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nice idea