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I have a challenge for everyone.

Rules: do not use "using, import, System" and loops (for, while, foreach, goto), spaces is not counted as characters

The problem is, we have 9 numbers, 3 first numbers is binary, 3 second numbers is octal numbers and 3 last numbers is hexadecimal numbers. With each type of numbers, we choose the number that is not both largest and smallest, then return their product in decimal. The numbers in decimal is positive and no exceed 10^9

Example: new ChallengeClass().FindCode("1001111110101000000111111000110, 1010101100010010011000011100100, 1010001001011101011001001111011, 13524414777, 15044603610, 16054452275, 61D4030B, 44D89802, 4DAF8532")

Results: 3114493356766134202258605360

Write an C# code and use as few characters as possible (spaces is not counted as characters). This is my accepted code and use 255 characters. You can write another code or edit my code, as long as it's less characters. My code 199561792

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