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Hi Codeforces ! Hi MikeMirzayanov

As an avid participant of Codeforces contests, I have noticed a duplicated problem 1810B - Candies in CodeTON Round 4 (Div. 1 + Div. 2, Rated, Prizes!) from problem D. Mana in Constructor Open Cup 2023 which was held yesterday !

For whom didn't register on Constructor Open Cup 2023 : that is the problem screenshot:

possible Ways of cheating : - Submitting solution on Constructor Open Cup 2023 to be judged avoiding any extra penalty with wrong answers. - Copying a pre-accepted old solution and adding just one line of code (that line of code is the only difference between the 2 problems!). - Using Constructor Open Cup 2023 — Editorial. - Many other unfair ways.

It's frustrating to see the same problem ideas being used repeatedly in different contests, with only minor variations in the problem statement or constraints. This not only takes away from the uniqueness and creativity of the contest, but also gives an unfair advantage to those who have already solved similar problems in previous contests.

I understand that coming up with original and challenging problem ideas can be difficult, but It's better to have a smaller number of well-crafted and original problems than a larger number of old-used and duplicated ones.

Furthermore, I would like to suggest that consider that round unrated. While it may be disappointing for those who have already invested time and effort into the contest, it's important to maintain the integrity of the platform and ensure that each contest is a fair and unique challenge for all participants.

In conclusion, I hope that the round setters explain what cause that problem and MikeMirzayanov takes these concerns into consideration and continues to strive for originality and quality in contests. Let's work together to make Codeforces the best possible platform for competitive programming.

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If the contests were one day apart, how could the problem have been stolen?

Since it wasn't made publicly available during the round that the problems were the same, I think it's fine to keep the round rated (despite me losing master...)

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Round setters have nothing to explain. The contests were just one day apart. That was a wonderful coincidence, so we can just laugh about it :DD