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A: Security check in websites that want to prevent robots, just print "security"

B: The first 25 contests in codeforces, contests 15, 20, and 21 was unrated, so print NO if the contest was unrated, otherwise print YES

C: Every testcase will give you n numbers, where $$$n = PI_i$$$, so $$$n1 = 3$$$, $$$n2 = 1$$$, $$$n3 = 4$$$, and so on.., Print the product of numbers

D: Print any number that is guranteed that it won't come in the sequence, for example 0 or -1

E: Print any positive number (I don't know)

F: Print largest prime factor, don't calculate it, just put if

G: The image shows that he is a color blind, n is the length, s1 is what person sees, s2 is what is the real colors. Print YES if the person only sees the red color correctly.

H: Complex probabilities problem, because all the numbers are random (idk the solution)

I: Check if the bracket sequence is balanced, Consider letters "bdfhklt" as open bracket, and letters "gjpqy" as closed bracket, ignore other letters

J: Write "please" in any lettercase, and judge will give you AC

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