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Hi, I started CP just 2 months ago and half of the time I'm confused where to solve problems from after solving the daily tasks (I've solved around 80% of them). I set unrealistic targets like solving all binary search tagged problems under 2000 rating (of course I fail to solve it as they are too many) and then I switch to other platforms as I think they are better. I'm don't stick with one platform for long as I've an inner feeling that if I use other ladder or platform I'll get faster results. What should I do?

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Set realistic expectations/goals. For example, my current goal is to solve 100 1600 rated problems by end of this month.

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The goals you are talking about are not only ridiculous, but also waste of time even if they were possible. Solve random problems. Right now you should focus on 800-1200 Rating problems. If you are insane like I am then you can go upto 500-600+ rated problems than your current rating. Learn greedy, two-pointers, some number theory and practice a lot of random problems (not topic-wise divided). For example you can aim to solve around 60 of 800, 1000, 1200 rated problems, and gradually move to higher rating as you get better.