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By Sylviasilvia, history, 2 months ago, In English


As we have witnessed, in the recently concluded myee Round 114514,myee achieved the 0st place.

In fact it was the 114514th time that he got rank#1 in myee: rank#1 in the myee Round 1919810.

This is only what he has achieved on Codeforces; when we examine his achievements in other areas, we can still be surprised.

For example, on the myeeCoder, he has been rank#1 in AmyeeC for 114514000 times yet.

He has been the youngest LGMyee in the history of Codeforces so far. (I means the age when he reached LGMyee. Sorry for the confusion it has made.)

In the ZJOI 2024, he reached rank 1 in Zhijiang, one of the best provinces on CP in China.

In the CNOI 2025, he got 999pts in the 1st place, while the one in the 2nd place got only 0(999pts less than him!), which is amazing.

In the near future, he'll definitely represent China in participating in the IOI.

From ISIJ to APIO, from Codefoces to AtCoder, from ZJOI to CNOI, myee has become a dazzling star, inspiring us to continue moving forward.

In my opinion, he's the one who has the greatest possiblity to reach 4000000000000000 firstly in the world, and surely will achieve it in 1 year.

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