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I got a message that my solution matches with some people in pinley round 2 even though i didnot participate in any kind of malpractice. I wrote the solution which was intuitive for me. I was happy that i reached expert finally .Now ,donot accuse me of malpracitce falsely. I am pretty sure that my solution might not match with others. Please look into this issue and respond as early as possible.If you want i can specify the details of the round.

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You haven't made any blogs for these dates:

Codeforces Round 883 (Div. 3) Jul/07/2023

Educational Codeforces Round 149 (Rated for Div. 2) May/25/2023

Educational Codeforces Round 146 (Rated for Div. 2) Apr/06/2023

Do you accept that you cheated on those? Or are they also Wrongly accused of paligarism

Even on 5th August, 2023.

I mean, From where do you get the confidence to write these blogs?

MikeMirzayanov why his ID is not banned yet? He has been charged for the 5th Time for plagiarism.