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By Qingyu, 7 days ago, In English

Hello! I'm happy to announce The 2nd Universal Cup. Stage 11: Nanjing, which will be held on November 25th, 2023.

This contest is an official ICPC Regional Contest — The 2023 ICPC Asia Nanjing Regional Contest. The contest is prepared by the SUA Programming Contest Problem Setter Team, which was the fourth time for us to prepare the Nanjing Regional Contest. Due to the covid pandemic, the previous three Nanjing regionals were held online. As the pandemic has come to an end, we can finally gather in NUAA to participate in this wonderful contest.

This is also my first time as a chief judge in an ICPC regional contest. Great thanks to the host school (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics) for preparing the Regional, and the hard work done by all staff and volunteers for this contest.

The authors for preparing the contests: chenjb, jiangshibiao, Joyemang, J.T.J.L., lwn_16, lxlxl, oipotato, Qingyu, shb123, Subconscious, Suika_predator, TsReaper, zimpha.

The testers for their valuable advice: abc473848880, alexlikemath007, djq_cpp, duality, edchen, fsy_jiaxun_when, gisp_zjz, Gromah, HaccerKat, hehezhou, hyforces, kevin, KeyID, lunchbox, Minhho2005, noshi91, nothing100, Orenji.Sora, oursaco, potato167, qazswedx2, RandomKami, RobeZH, Roundgod, smax, tatyam, TLE, triple__a, UESTC_Nocturne, willy108, and YaoBIG.

The 11th Stage of the Universal Cup, Nanjing, will be based on this contest. You can participate in the contest from Nov 24 to Nov 26. Note that we have added more time windows to avoid the conflicts with the ICPC Asia Pacific Regional contests.

We are looking forward to your participation!

About Universal Cup
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I'm happy to see UCup getting better and better, and I hope our school can start a training session.

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Nanjing Regional Contest this year did leave me with so many good memories.

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smax orz robezh orz

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the past gp of nanjing is cool.

thank you for all these problemsets!