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Since there have been a lot of cheating cases recently, I think Mikey should consider disabling hacking during the contest. A lot of people already have reported here and here, there are also multiple blogs I read but I can't find them again.

A possible solution might be to

  • disable live hacking in rounds (but that would make CF boring as other CP websites)

  • closely investigating the accounts who lock the problems in their room (definitely the ones who try to view others' solutions)

  • a deep plagiarism check may be applied to only those solutions that were viewed during the contest, and repeated occurrences might raise suspicion on the person locking his/her solution.

Just a thought

Need some efficient solution MikeMirzayanov

UPDATE : I came to know this blog reached some cheaters' telegram group and I'm going to get downvoted from a lot of people.

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Or u can just try to improve urself ;)