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By ahyangyi, 10 years ago, In English
Hmm, perhaps a web2.0 programming contest platform is a good place to discuss programming in general. I'm not sure whether I will continue to write things here, but it's worth a try.

Perhaps I'd also want to view a few existing blogs here before making the final decision.
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If you are already holding a blog, you may just crossport here links to related post of your blog (like Petr).

If not, you may post your thoughts here.
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.. YY could Run a beautiful wordpress blog in a independent web host ... like M67  in front .. or maybe more similar to the ancient Amber or  Maigo ...

... But to run a truely blog isn't a trivial task.. Or maybe you could just write down some thinking here ....
Whatever you choose ...... I) will follow your step anywhere... : )