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This year my alma mater is represented by team Moscow SU Tapirs.

Moscow State University has a long history at World Finals. 19 appearences, 4 Gold medals (all of them — 2nd places), 1 Silver and 7 Bronzes. Moscow SU is also 2 times champions of Europe.

Tapirs team came 2nd last year in Yekaterinburg in intense battle with St. Petersburg State University. In NEERC 2014 they came second as well, while losing to ITMO University team only on penalty time. Moscow SU is currently 3rd in OpenCup standings with one stage win. They had bested ITMO team on 2 more stages. Anton Pankratiev is team coach.

Gleb Evstropov (TC: 2405, CF: GlebsHP 2622) got 3rd in this year Facebook Hacker Cup. He also won Silver medal in IOI 2010 and was Russian Code Cup finalist last year.

Victor Omelyanenko (TC: 2531, CF: TeaPot 2687) got 2nd place on ACM ICPC World Finals last year with Gleb and Mikhail.

Mikhail Pyaderkin (TC: 2428, CF: meshanya 2550) won IOI Gold in 2010 as well as placed 2nd in Vekua Cup personal contest in 2012.


This team got only stronger since last year. Their chance to win Gold are at least 80%, while they had shoy at Championship as well, with about 15% chance.

Last team to look at will be ITMO University team.

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Not to mention the four other times when the Moscow team placed 10 (poor man's second).

Seriously, however, best of luck and work like Lomonosov!

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Also Victor Omelyanenko won two gold medals on IMO and two first prizes on IMC.