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I and my friend Retired_MiFaFaOvO and vfleaking are going to virtual participate (single machine) the WF 2015 online on site.

It might be interesting to record our progress and commentary on the contest and problems here :)

--18:05(in GMT +8): We are still waiting for the problems to be available online :)

Meanwhile, PKU(Peking University) gets the overall first blood. Their team member contains two experienced coders which participated in WF 2013, I guess they will get a good result in this WF :)

It seems Problem A is quite easy, many teams solve it during the following two minutes :)

Forget to mention, there are 13 problems this year. I am wondering if it is all hard problems like last year, or some easier problems? The problem type will definitely affect the result of this fierce competition :)

--18:17 nearly 20 minutes passed, no one solve two problems, and we are still waiting for online problems :)

--18:21 It seems the pdf version is out, but we decide not to look at it since we want a virtual competition :)

--18:24 CMU submits F and got -1, Maybe F is the next problems to solve?

And Tsinghua get -1 on C, Zagreb gets -1 on F, I guess C and F will be easier than other problems :)

THU gets first blood on C, and FCEN get first blood on F.

Good start for THU!(I am from THU too), Hope they can keep up the good work :)

Princeton gets first blood on D. What are the members of Princeton this year?

Anyway...The problem is still not online...I decide that if it didn't come before 18:40, we are going to look at the problems first <_<.

"ACM ICPC World Finals 2015 problems to be added shortly after contest start", it seems I misunderstand the world "shortly".

ITMO and Toky solved D, now the problem being solved are A,C,D F, It should be 4 easy problems, I guess during the next 10 or 20 minutes, many teams will solve them too.

--18:40, the website doesn't have problem still, well, We decide to still wait without looking at the pdf version:(

University of Warsaw solved L, well, I think this year's problem will not be like last year, and the first place will end up 10 or 11 problems I guess.

Tokyo solved J, I think rng_58's team are on a good track, they still have more other easy problems to solve :)

PKU solved D and becomes #1, This team is really exciting today :)

Now, 7 teams solved 3 problems :)

Tokyo solved C and becomes #1 again, really good competition :), I'm excited too(Where is the problems to submit online \T_\T).

ITMO got 6 , while Tokyo and Moscow and 5.

They are the three best team in my opinion:) Thus the result is pretty reasonable.

It seems all CN teams solved 4 problems at most ,I hope CN teams can do better later :)

Tokyo now got 6, and back to #1.

Notice that after tourist start to writing C, ITMO got 4 problems in just 20 minutes, it is just insane...

Well, Since the problem is still not out on kattis, I decide to look at the pdf version first \T_\T.

Finally it starts! --19:39 19:53 the log in is broken, so we made a new account. And vfk got problem A. vfk is working on problem D. And he got D soon. I am working on problem F, it is a stupid problem. C is a stupid problem too. I got F and C in a roll.

So we have 4 problems now.

It seems J is a simple FFT, L is a simple Huffman, and H is some kind of math problem... We are working on them now. vfk got J right. dyh is working on H. I am going to code L later.

dyh got H, we have 6 now.

I got L. We have 7 now.

22:05 -vfk got I. We have 8 now.

dyh is coding E, umm, the rest of the problems is quite hard now, we need to be careful.

We got E, we have 9 now.

In the last hour we got K. Seems end up 10 problems <_<

...During the last moment, we are switching on 3 remaining problems B G M and got none of them, so sad T_T.

We got 10 problems and penalty 1066 in the end...

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Link for problem statement . Good Luck !

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    I am going to wait until the website version comes out, I guess it will be quick.

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are you on rank #5? Tsinghua University ?

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A nice penalty. congratulations!

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Are you going to participate in WF 2016?