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Hey guys,

I am quite tensed with the CF bugs. Why is there a lot of bugs these days? for example, see this comment's screen shot:

when I click on the delete button it shows a message something like this: "you can't delete a post created 2 mins ago." Then why is there that delete button still existing?

But, I hope admins will also fix this issue as they did before, e.g. see this post


(for those who has vision problem) the delete button lasts for 4 minutes, see carefully:

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okay, what's the reason for downvoting? is it a feature indeed? I thought it as a bug. But I want to be sure, can someone tell what's going on here?

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    what I want to say is : what isn't going on ?! :D

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    That delete button only shows for the first 2 minutes. You won't see that delete button if you open the same or any other comment posted long ago. In your screenshot it is like you opened the comment within 2 minutes when it was showing and tried to click on it after it passed 2 minute timeout.