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By cpphamza, 11 years ago, In English
The problem is that most of the times I navigate through the website (it happened to me twice while writing this post) there is a period of time (like 3 minutes) during which I can't access the website (I can't even ping codeforces.com). I have no idea why this happens, and it really frustrates me (specially when it happens just before the end of the contest), to resolve this issue I keep refreshing the page for few minutes until it's back!

This is a frequent issue that happens to me since a long time, I'm not sure if anybody else here is experiencing it too but I appreciate if one of the admins looks into the issue and comment here. 

Thanks in advance!
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Update: I tried accessing the website through a proxy (during the dis-connectivity period) and it worked! I still have no clue why this happens, but I guess as no body replied then nobody else is having this problem.