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By removed1, 12 years ago, In English

Recently one of codeforces participants mentioned Java as 'flexible'. (he has not specified what he was comparing it with).

As a sceptic, I wish it to be demonstrated in problem which I have been interested long time ago.

Words I have for default font in Arena applet are not printable. It is difficult to read, which especially affects challenge phase. After I found something better, my rating grew from 1500-1700 to 2100. An ideal solution would be to use custom font (after all, humans are different). Unfortunately, tools for creating vector fonts are overcomplicated and/or expensive, and vector fonts are not needed at all in this case because the font needed will never go to printer or any other high resolution device. Raster fonts are very easy and fast to edit, but as you have might already guessed, Arena applet running under Sun's JVM does not allow to use them. I know that open JRE/JVM implementations exist. So, what is possible to do?

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