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Here are a few suggestions from my side to the codeforces team...I hope they will give some thought on these:

1)Editorials-There should be an editorial tab like the problem set tab or may be an official editorial blog.So that after trying out problems form the problem set if one wishes he can look at the editorials .Even topcoder has an editorial page.

2)Contest timings-The contest timings are almost always the same and many people globally face issues participating  at that time.Since there are about 4 contests in a month each of them can be on the different quarters (24 hour has 4 quarters).

3)Deleting a blog /comment-There should be a provision for a user to delete his blog or a comment.After all it is his blog and therefore his wish to keep it or discard it.

4)Division layouts-At present there are 1485 in Div 1 and 8713 in div2(almost 6 times more).To balance this I suggest that there should be 3 divisions[ Div 1-(>=2000) Div2(>=1600) and Div3 (<1600)]..Implementing this in the present scenario we will have 350 Div 1,2358 in Div 2 and 7490 Div 3 participants .This will increase competitions in the division and give better scope to improve .This also smoothens the transistion from a Beginner->Intermediate->Expert

5)Annual Open Round-To make things different than the usual weekly contests, there may be 1 annual open round like topcoder does.That will make codeforces look even much more brighter among all other online coding systems.

I hope these will be looked at by the codeforces team.You people are doing a wonderful job making coding much more enjoyable for regulars and interesting for the newcomers.Thanks for your efforts.

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You may delete your own blog post, using "save as draft"(or something like this) button on edit page
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    But even after that it still remains in the my blog data.I wanted to say that what about completely deleting it.
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1) +1
Finding old editorials are harder than solving problems.

2) They just started changing it.

4) I think it's quite hard to find best solution in this situation. Two divisions would be enough if there were more balanced problemsets.

5) Onsite rounds need sponsors and they prefer their own tournaments. But I think online tournament with not so big prizes is a good idea. Hope they will do it sometime.
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1) Absolutely agree.
2) Look the timings of several last contests.
3) But some people will make offensive or just stupid posts and comments and then delete it before being punished. And also answers to those comments and posts... What does administration have to do with it? Sometimes discussion after post is further more interesting than the post itself and I don't think that author of the post or comment with answers may decide whether to delete all the thread or not.
4) >almost 6 times more
Isn't it ok that there are fewer top participants than others? And also it will be harder for authors to prepare a contest if there will be 3 divs.
5) Something in this direction would be interesting.
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    For 3) I think they have to do it some day ,if not now because the data only grows and so a lot of space is occupied
    4)Even after 3 divisions are made ,there will only be a few deserving in that group because of the Elo ratings used.
    At present usually 7 problems are made by author Div 2C=Div 1 A;Div 2D = Div 1 B;Div 2 E=Div 1C
    The author can still prepare only 7:(representing divisions by only their numbers:)
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      4) In this way it's good enough idea. Maybe it will be accepted. But I just don't like it. =)
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I agree.