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Hi everyone,

Finally, after almost 4 months of discussion between me and TopCoder admins, and I'd like to say thanks to all TopCoder admins (specially mike).

Now you can use TopCoder problems in the Virtual Online Contests website. You can create contests using TopCoder problems only (and this will be TopCoder rules), also you can mix between TopCoder problems and problems from the other 9 supported online judges (and this will be ACM rules).

You can add TopCoder problems one by one, or generate some random problems, or select a complete practice room (you can use more than 1 practice room in the same contest).

Unfortunately, I can't check if your submission is passed the system test or not, so after the end of the contest you will need to run the system test manually in the arena, and update the result manually also in the scoreboard.

First you need to sign up (if you don't have an account) and you should include your TopCoder handle in your account, then you can create and participate in TopCoder virtual contests.

I created a test contest which will be running for 2 weeks so that you can try the this new feature. You can register in this contest here: http://ahmed-aly.com/voc/Register.jsp?ID=541

P.S. If the same problem is available in 2 practice rooms, you can submit in anyone.

Thanks, Ahmed Aly

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Thanks ahmed_aly that's perfect. Maybe you can figure out how to enable addition of system tests to CF. It will require also some flag next to the problem — if it contains system tests or not (probably some fraction 4/65 tests available). I can imagine that it will be possible to upload system tests partially — for example when I solve some problem I can upload problem set test cases (while I maintaining my private plugin for studio, that can export test cases for example in some agreed format — JSON?). Later when I run system test and it fails on some test case I can upload that test too (manually).