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By ruzana.miniakhmetova, 10 years ago, translation, In English

Dear all, ABBYY Cup 2.0 is completed!

Thanks for all participants! We hope you enjoyed the problems of both divisions. It was too nice to read your good comments about heuristic problem!

We thank Codeforces team: MikeMirzayanov, Gerald, Delinur, and sure tourist! It was too interesting and nice too work with you!

We invite all the participants to visit ABBYY! If want, please write on contact information about you (name, surname, handle, city and country you live in). We'll try help with organization of your arrival in our office nearest to you.

Thank you very much! Good luck :)

Announcement of ABBYY Cup 2.0 - Easy
Announcement of ABBYY Cup 2.0 - Hard
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