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Java Algorithms

Many people know the excellent library of Java algorithms by indy256 At the moment, there are 192 algorithms files (some files are variations of the same algorithm). It helps me a lot! For other languages I have not found such an extensive library.

I exported the library in the Android application. With it you can quickly look algorithms. You can also select one of 73 syntax highlighting styles, one of 9 fonts and application style — Default, White or Black. You can change the text size — use two fingers and a double-tap of the screen. There is also a custom SearchView, and descriptions of algorithms.

Google Play. Screenshots. More screenshots at Google Play.

The author of the library indy256 liked the application. I think that you will like it too :)

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Awesome thank you!

My students are always looking for this type of thing for our contests.

Have a great day!

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Thank you for your downloads!
Version 1.1 is now available!

- Added "Default" app theme.
- The settings button is available in all application places.
- Algorithms are divided in many topics.
- Descriptions added to each algorithm.
- Now you can choose one of 73 highlighting styles and one of 9 fonts!