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By shef_2318, history, 7 years ago, In English

Hi everyone!

I'd like to invite you to participate in June Clash on HackerEarth. Contest is scheduled on June, 11. Contest duration is 24 hours, so we hope it will be possible to find comfortable time for everyone in any timezone :) Check your time.

There will be six tasks in a problemset. Five of them are standard algorithmic problems with partial solutions allowed — you get points for every test that your solution passed. And the last task is an approximate problem — your score for this task depends on how good your solution is comparing to current best solution.

PrinceOfPersia has kindly prepared this problemset. Check out his previous Clash contests on HackerEarth and rounds on CodeForces to make sure that it's likely that you will enjoy the problems :)

I worked on this contest as a tester. In our opinion several tasks will be not too hard for beginners (at least one:) ) (show your best with partial scoring — even very naive solution may give you some points; and 24 hours should be enough for you to read all problems and find some tasks which you can solve).

We hope some tasks will be decent challenges for experienced contestants too. But if you think that classic part of problemset is easy — the approximate problem is waiting for you :)

Thanks to belowthebelt for handling all technical aspects of contest preparation.

The problem statements will be provided in English and Russian.

As usual, here is one more reason for you to participate in this contest:

Top5 of leaderboard will grab some nice prizes:

  1. $100 Amazon gift card + HackerEarth T-shirt

  2. $75 Amazon gift card + HackerEarth T-shirt

  3. $50 Amazon gift card + HackerEarth T-shirt

  4. HackerEarth T-shirt

  5. HackerEarth T-shirt

Good luck to everybody and let's have fun :)

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The contest has started. Good luck, everyone.

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I have to take back my words, that people on Hackerrank are cheaters and they discuss the solutions during the contest. Here:

people are pasting their source codes. Could you please bann these f****** idiots?

Also there is more than 1000 people on the leaderboard, but some of them didn't submit anything and some try to cheat to get the one task done. Some sort of cleaning db users of that portal would be greately appreciated.

You could also keep an eye on such things (or disable comments during the contests or get moderators approval before posting the comment during the active contest) — it's unacceptable.

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This is the 100 pointer for approximate challenge:

The guy shouldn't have bothered with reading the input (except m).

Edit.: And there is nothing really you can do about that (except removing this type of problems) as if I understand correctly — the point values are relative to what other participants get.

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    Seems that they had bug in the checker. I hope they will rejudge this problem.