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Now that I got your attention... (no, codeforces didn't force me to do anything) but for real, why almost none of the contests are on weekends? I can only compete in contests during the weekend due to school/job,, so my involvement in competitive programming has been reduced drastically (cause I only do Codeforces because it's the best!). This has always been an issue, but I believe recently it has been worse than ever. Are there other people in a similar situation as me?

UPDATE AUG 6: We did it guys! Tomorrow's contest is in a Sunday =O

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Even though unrelated but still I wanted to share this.

I think the contest frequency has dropped very low. I am in my summer break and more contests will surely help. Not many people like educational rounds(even though they have a purpose but participating number speaks itself). Is there any reason for this? Maybe VK cup final or something?

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Well so if you are working in SF area, contests are typically at 9:30am in Pacific time. So it is not completely unreasonable to compete in mornings, particularly if you can compete in secluded area at work and just show up at 11:30am I think :) But in general agree completely with your point, weekend contests are the best :)