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The first information letter

General information

In the first part of August 2012 Saratov State University runs an international student summer school in computer programming. The exact dates are 1-11 of August. Teams of three people and individual participants are invited to take part in it.

The school will take place in a picturesque place at one of Saratov resort centers on the Volga bank. The participants will be provided comfortable rooms for 2-4 people and meals three times a day. The resort center owns a beach and sport grounds.

It will be 10 training days. The school includes lectures by Saratov state university coaches, joint trainings, problems tutorials and topical workshops. The curriculum is designed for younger university students who aspire to achieve high results at programming competitions. Official language — Russian.

The fees are 16000 RUR (~ 510 USD) per a person. Moreover, each team or an individual participant should bring a laptop with the support of WI-FI.

All interested participants and teams should register at http://acm.sgu.ru/sazanka-2012/ till 15th June 2012. Don't postpone the registration, as the number of participants we can take is limited.

You can get additional information by e-mail mirzayanovmr[symbol-at]gmail.com. As since the official language of the school is Russian, the registration requires knowledge of Russian. Also it is recommended to view this page in Russian.

About Saratov State University

Saratov State University, regularly achieves significant advances in programming competitions. The following are the main achievements of the university in international competitions:

  • 2002 ACM-ICPC World Finals silver medals, Europian Champions
  • 2003 ACM-ICPC World Finals silver medals
  • 2006 ACM-ICPC World Finals golden medals, Europian Champions, World Champions
  • 2007 ACM-ICPC World Finals silver medals
  • 2008 NEERC Champions
  • 2009 ACM-ICPC World Finals golden medals
  • 2010 ACM-ICPC World Finals silver medals
  • 2011 ACM-ICPC World Finals silver medals

Mike Mirzayanov,
Saratov State University

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Are the trainings still in Russian? When can we expect some in English? The ICPC tasks are in English. A training in English can only help.