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Translated by Delinur.

The VK Cup 2012 Big Day has come. The main tour day. The participants have had a good rest and were slowly getting out of their gorgeous apartments and were getting themselves comfortable in the hall, talking, laughing.

We came out early enough, so the guys had half an hour more left before the contest. Everybody found their seats, turned the computers on, prepared themselves physically and morally. There was no limit like ''Don't touch the keyboard!!1'', so the start began a little nervously but smoothly.

Now then, what can a blogger do to while away the time? I did not plan to interfere with the contest so I was taking photos of the Griboyedov canal embankment and was watching the contest being monitored. The dynamic evaluation system of the problems’ complexity shifted the table in a quite amusing manner. Oh I wouldn't like to be in a participant's shoes there! Komaki made a dramatic advance as he made the first D problem submit; top 10 jumped here and there due to the constantly changing complexities of problems B and C. Judging by the submits, E was probably the easiest, B and C had approximately the same average difficulty, D was a more difficult problem, and A was as hard as the hell's bottom. tourist filled us with pleasant hope as he was the only person who submitted problem A, 15 minutes to the end, and got to the first place before the final tests.

Closer to the end of the contest the acm-icpc executive editor Bill Poucher arrived. I can't speak for the others but I personally wasn't particularly surprised by his presence: the codeforcers had blabbed about it. Right after the finish the participants started sharing impressions, running towards each other with happy and not exactly happy faces. The lunch time was approaching.

Lunch? Nah, that's boring. We can eat some other time, but the open question is — will we ever visit the Vkontakte office again. Encouraged by -XraY-'s stories, anton.bannykh and I climbed dangerous spiral stairs up, to the dome. The view was splendid from up there. We got our dose of adrenaline and descended from the heavens to the earth.

A little later dzhulgakov, his girlfriend and I did our best and something more to get a precious pass card and rushed along the conference rooms of the second floor. The couple got carried away in a small cozy dimly lit room, but the potential softcore porn was reduced to filming series of kisses. By the way, I've discovered the talent on an adult movie operator in me!

The rumor has it that in the next conference room efficient communication with equipment suppliers took place. A skeleton, tortured on an iron frame by the wall, smiled through all its thirty two teeth, a nice spiky platform hung above. The torture chair amused me greatly with its perverse complexity and the many ways to injure a victim. Cool!

We got to the lunch in time; we had it in the same place as yesterday — on the sixth floor, in Terrassa. The dinner transformed to a walking excursion along St. Petersburg centre. The female tour guide took the initiative and checked the participants' profound knowledge in the city's history. Enriching our minds was difficult due to the noise, the absence of a loudspeaker, stgatilov's trumpet (respect to you, Stepan!). Judging by the photos, the guys even visited some cathedrals, but I escaped on the first turn and returned to the hotel, so I can't tell you anything about it.

In the evening a festive dinner begun. The event's host was a KOTEHOK, it turned out an unusually good toastmaster. ''Do you like VK Cup?'' — ''Yeeeees!'', chanted the participants. Bill Poucher delivered an emotional speech and a show began. Frankly speaking, I was waiting for some problem to get expensive ALL OF A SUDDEN and the table to have lots and lots of swaps. But that was out of the question; too many solutions passed the final tests.

All contest participants were awarded with hp laptops, certificates, and somebody got large (literally large) checks. My congratulations to the winners: sevenkplus, s-quark and tourist, who got the first three places.

Here the official part was over and the time has come for a photo riot, uncontrolled communication and simply good mood. Charismatic Pavel Durov gathered two dozens of participants, together they examined the laptops and watched the photos of Vkontakte data centre. MikeMirzayanov was looking for potential authors of future Codeforces contests, using free T-shirts as bait.

Despite the late hour, we did not want to lose the festive feeling. Our loud company sat in the hall, visited the restaurant on the ninth floor, watched the views of the evening St. Petersburg.

That's how the VK Cup 2012 event ended. Waiting for the next year, huh? ;)

Don't be shy and watch the photos!

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Awesome blog..Very nice descriptions and photography :) Just one question .. Cant we have the expected scores besides the question mark in the regular contests like in this

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First one is a good photo — exactly one member out of winning ACM team in each of years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 :P (photo taken before any of them).

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    Ok, i need more 2 friends to take a picture with me, i could be the winner of 2018. Just kidding, but maybe it work :p

    Amazing coincidence!!!