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I've been wondering is there any way to see what we have upvoted or even downvoted recently? I remember some comment explaining a nice trick that I surely upvoted as I found it really interesting and that's all I remember about it. It was something containing frequencies and sort of a sqrt trick to reduce the memory. However, this is just a particular case, don't pay attention to it. The main idea for which I wrote this post is to ask whether there is any general way of finding out what you have upvoted, similar to seeing all your past comments. It would really be helpful for those trying to find some old comment or post that they just broadly remember about: having this option you could certainly find what you were looking for really fast. If it exists, please let me know. If not, then I think it is a nice idea that should be considered for further updates of the site or for some interested guys able and willing to build an extension to provide this kind of information.

LE: I found the comment I was talking about. However, this does not change the main purpose of the post.

Thank you in advance!

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You can mark them as favourites (click the little star on the comment).

To view your favourites, just go to the favourites section on your profile.

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    I didn't know about that. Thanks a lot. That should be enough (even though it would have been better to know it 3 years ago:)) )