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By MedoN11, history, 6 years ago, In English

Hello, I was recently solving this problem :

My solution uses line sweep here :

It gets MLE on the first sample test case + 1200+MS. Now when I run this on custom invocation without reading/writing into file I get :

Used: 15 ms, 4 KB

Is it possible to get past this MLE ? Can someone explain what is going on?

Thanks !

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Note that the problem statement asks you to read from file and output to a file. You don't do that in the very first lines of the code — you read n from the standard input. scanf fails and behavior of any code afterwards which relies on n is undefined. In particular, you've got MLE on this test case. Don't try to find logic here — it's undefined behavior.

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    Now that's another stupid mistake to add on my list..

    Thank you for the help. AC now. :)