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Hello Codeforces, We are all aware of recent unfortunate incident of CF round 444.And the way people reacted was quite surprising . Problems are set by coders who are also humans like rest of us, so it's natural to occur some errors even if they are tested carefully. What I observed after that incident is , the frequency of contests has been reduced.Without much contests codeforces looks deserted these days. Hence , I appeal to the CF community (specially high rated coders ) to continue the trend and bring some more contest for us. Codeforces has always been known for it's fabulous frequent rounds and it will always be so. In the end, I want to say thanks to all the problem setters out there — trust me you do a great job. Thank you . Wish you a good day ahead.

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How can I become a good programmer if I stop practicing after failing to solve Div-2 A? How can one become a great problem-setter if he just cannot take and accept one failure?