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First i have an issue and i really need your help. issue is i recently joined competitive programing and i tried to join many Codeforces rounds but every time i lose rate and i searched for the main reason why i lose rate .

It's because every round i start with A and when i try to think for solution my brain gives me a hard one even for simple problem so i lose time and cant get a solution.

So. Can you guys tell me some tips to think about solution for Div2 A,B,C Ex. as i saw most of C problems need data structure most of A problems focus on Implementation

E.x sometime i can think for graph solution when the problem need a simple brute force

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If you're getting stuck on div2 A you need to improve thinking and implementing a fast solution. Most problems can be solved multiple ways, but div2 A is often bruteforcable.

I suggest solving a dozen or more div 2 A to build confidence/speed, then doing so in virtual contests. Also solve Bs too, they are around the same level. After virtual contests/contests upsolve the problem you could not solve in the contest. There is no point in taking a part in contests if you don't solve what ya previously couldn't solve: all you gain is typing speed.

This will probably get you used to contest format/solving easy problems.

Also, as a side note, having paper during contests really help. I usually only solve problems that I haven't seen before (in a contest) if I have paper.

tl;dr — upsolving + paper = success

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Use the A2 Online Judge and practice through the A problems till you get comfortable with them.

Don't focus on C right now. There is a big jump in between B and C level problems.