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Hello everybody!

I would like to announce the second BioInformatics Contest organized by Bioinformatics Institute, Rosalind and Stepik.

The contest is hosted on Stepik platform. You can already register and become familiar with the rules and the testing system. Note, that you have to sign the rules, otherwise, you will not be able to participate.

The contest consists of two rounds:

The contest is prepared by the team from ITMO University: Alexey Sergushichev, Nikita Alexeev, Alexander Tkachenko, chavit, izban, GShark, VArtem and me.

For now, you could train on the problems of the previous year.

Are there any prizes?

Yes, there will be. As in the previous year we will announce them later.

Do I need to know biology?

This year we will try to make problems more real-life, so some knowledge of biology is necessary. But do not worry this amount of knowledge is not deep and could be learned during the contest.

What kind of problems to expect?

There will be two kind of problems: exact (ACM) and approximate. We encourage you to take a glance on the problems of the previous year.

Good luck!

UPD1: The Qualification Round has started!

UPD2: We added the description of prizes!

UPD3: Approximately, one day left for Qualification Round.

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FYI, University CodeSprint 4 will be held on February 23-25 and Deadline24 qualifying round — on February 25. So, if Final Round would be scheduled on February 24-25, it will overlap both this contests.