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changeForBetter's blog

By changeForBetter, history, 21 month(s) ago, In English,

I am writing this blog after seeing the results of the recent Codeforces Round. I don't like the HACK system. A person who hacks gets +100 easily. So, if a person solves less problems and does more of HACKS, then he is subject to getting more points than a person who might have solved more problems than him. I think that this is very unfair. I know some people here would say that life is unfair, well my point is that we can't change that, but ofcourse, we can most certainly change this. And also for the Learning LADS out there, who will say that we learn from HACKS. I suggest to have option for hacks, but then don't award points for that, but instead make another field like contribution and rating, where one's hacking skills will be shown. Then we'll see, how many learning LADS will hack in the middle of the contest. We all know that all the excuse the people who hack give. It's just what they say, but inside they also know that they have taken the position of a person who has solved more problems than them in the contest. I have seen Mike that you take suggestions from people. I suggest you take this suggestion from me also. Also, please guys, upvote this so that Mike sees it and we may have a discussion on it. Tell me what you guys feel about this. Thanks for reading!

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If you want to change something ,I suggest you to change lines after every sentences

like this

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    I just dont know of how to do that. I could have searched for it, but my end sem exams are going on, so I had to sleep.

    And I don't know why this blog is getting downvotes, as I wrote everything correct.

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Is anybody going to do anything about it ??