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Hello Codeforces Community,

I am glad to announce that there will be DEVSKILL CODING CONTEST-22 on 25th May, Friday at 11PM(UTC+6) in Dev Skill. Basically, Dev Skill is a Bangladeshi contest site which arranges two contests every month (one easy contest for beginners and another for everyone ).

This contest will consist of 6 problems and you will be given 2 hours to solve them all.

The score distribution for this contest is: 500 — 700 — 1000 — 1200 — 1500 — 2000

The problems were written and tested by fsshakkhor, bhadra, mahmud2690, BishalG, froghramar, ksohan, mrinmoi, ssavi and me.

We're inviting you all to join us in this contest. Hope you will enjoy solving problems.

Note : Problem's difficulty will be like Codeforces Div3 round

Good luck to all participants!


Congratulations to the winners!!

  1. showmic96

  2. PKP

  3. mahbubcseju

  4. njrafi

  5. I_love_ProParThinkNot

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Wow, All setters are best in a raw.

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Registration completed... :)

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What about the java source code submission rule? Is there any special rule for file name or class name?