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The Gym contains a nice set of NEERC contests, which are a valuable learning resource. After spending 5 hours on a problem set you learn where are your problem solving limits. But to move beyond those limits, you need some help in form of solution outlines.

European regionals usually post solution presentations on official websites, but I can't find them for the NEERC regional and subregional contests. I don't speak Russian, which makes looking for them even harder. This site has a large archive of final standings but only a few solution presentations. Does anyone know where to find the rest? Google translate works well enough so it's not a problem if they are in Russian. How about attaching the solutions to the gym so you don't have to go looking for them elsewhere? If they are not already available, whoever sets up a gym contest could add their own.

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Here you can find some ideas for NEERC2012 problems.