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Lewin's blog

By Lewin, history, 3 years ago, In English

Recently, I wrote about my experiences with problem writing. This was something I haven't really talked about, and I felt it was time to share.

Read here:

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I have recently started writing problems. It has been close to only 4 months.I have written close to 15 problems. But I have a feeling that giving time to problem writing or thinking about creating a new problem hinders me from learning and giving more time to practice. I kind of feel that in the lust of creating problems I am moving away from my targets in CP. Currently I am planning to complete of the problems in my hand and quit problem setting atleast for some more years. I know this does not match your opinions but I just wanted to present my perspective.

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    It took me a while to see the benefits. My rating only drastically improved in 2017, and my first onsite events were last year also. It definitely isn't the most efficient way to get better at competitive programming, but I think it is more sustainable as a long term hobby.