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By DrSwad, 23 months ago, In English

Hello Codeforces!

Since many of our users participate in MathMash contests after viewing the contest announcement in Codeforces, I thought I should also put this news here.

We're working on an update for the site. The design is ready. Now for the coding part, since I know how the site works under the hood I have to do most of it and organising the weekly contests alongside is making it really hard to do fast progress in the development. Preparing the problems, verifying their answers, setting up everything in the server, watching over the contest and finally writing the editorials take up 2 days at the least each week. It's also hard to keep focus in work with these regular intermissions. So I talked with the admins and we decided that it's better to give the contests a few weeks break and release the new site as soon as possible. We planned a lot of new features like monthly tournaments, reward system(where you get to exchange virtual points for real presents) and more. So I believe the wait is going to be totally worth it.

Meanwhile, to cover for the contests, we have added the "Problem of the day" section. We will update this page with a new problem everyday of varying difficulties and topics. Solving these problems will gain you reward points which you'll be able to use in the new site. A higher streak(the number of successive days you've managed to solve the problem of that day) will also give you higher reward points.

I hope you'd like this new section and have fun solving these daily challenges.

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look and feel is quite impressive.

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can you please provide editorial for each day problem.