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IAU100 #Astronomy #100HoursOfAstronomy­ #Astrophysics #Under_One_Sky #Bangladesh

As a part of 100 Hours of Astronomy celebration, Bangladesh Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics jointly with ArenaBoard is hosting Online Astronomy Olympiad.

Our goal is to educate Astronomy in Bangladesh and reach out to the cosmos. This year BDOAA 2019 will be a part of 100 years of IAU celebration.

Contest Details:

Date: 12th January, 2019

Time: 4.00 PM to 11.30 PM (GMT+6)

Site: link

The top students will be awared a T'Shirt by Byapon and IAU100 and will be invited to join the Telescope session by BDOAA soon[Awared and Telescope Session Bangladesh Only].

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