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Good News — No More Java Security Issues with Topcoder Applet: While we are working on the new arena, we are also trying to reduce the issues you face with the Topcoder Java Applet. With the new version of the Topcoder Java Applet, you don'€™t have to add anything in Java Security Exceptions.

We have also revamped the Problem Writer Trip for 2019 TCO Finals. Easier and More trips. Learn More

New Version:

To Participate in your first Topcoder Contest:

  1. Install JDK add Java set environment variables to point to JDK binaries
  2. Download and Run the new Java Applet (Right Click and Open)
  3. Topcoder Contests are a little different — you need to look at the Definition section as this section will tell you how the class needs to be declared and the method name.

So in this example, if we were coding in C++ we would declare something like what you see below.

class RingLex {
    string getmin(string s) {
      string ret = "";
      // code your solution for the problem here
      return ret;

Note that our class name and method name match the definition values shown above, and case matters. It's very important to get this exactly right, otherwise, your solution will fail!

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I use the web arena in topcoder...but how could I add tests in the ide to test the solutions in it and try test cases(without using add test in the web arena).

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That's really great, this will ease out the onboarding process for newbies. Apart from this, I feel there are few more things topcoder should work upon. Two things on top of my head are:

  1. Different indexing used in batch testcases and testcases given in problem statement. Batch test uses 1 based indexing and testcases in problem statement use 0 based indexing. Whenever I fail a testcase in batch test, sometimes I check wrong testcase because of off by one error.

  2. Ability to copy code in practice.

PS — These all are related to Applet. I use web arena in rare cases. :)

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    1. Sure will work on this.
    2. Do you mean, copy the code in practice rooms? — you can do that. If you are using Mac OS — you ought to still use control+v to do that. :)
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Thanks a lot, bro.