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Sadly, after spending a few hours learning about quantum programming, I decided to cancel the stream. Maybe I would be able to solve some problems in the warm-up round, but certainly, I don't have enough knowledge to make a stream about it, and I'm afraid I would say something incorrect multiple times and thus cause damage to viewers. I'm extremely sorry for that.

Instead, I will talk about the Google Hash Code competition. I competed last year with a success. Our team won the qualification round and we were 6-th in the final round (I hope I remember that correctly because I can't find the standings). I'm going to go through the problems from that 2018 edition, talk about my codes, and I will give general advice for the contest. If you want to participate this year, you must hurry — the registration closes tomorrow (on Monday)! Registration link.

The stream starts at 12:00 CET.

My next stream is this Sunday at 12:00 CET, and I will try to solve problems from the ongoing warm-up of Q# Coding Contest by Microsoft's Quantum team. Read more details about that contest in the announcement.

I'm very excited about this because it will be something unusual, just like distributed algorithms that were new and amazing for me. mareksom competed in the first edition and he said it's very cool. If it turns out boring, let's blame him.

PS. I have no idea what quantum programming is, but I watched Ant-man and Ant-man 2. I hope this is enough. (yeah...)

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