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Can you please add an unofficial checkbox on a user profiles contest page (e.g. — My Profile's Contest Page) similar to the submissions page.
Unofficial contests can include Unrated, out of competition contests. And maybe virtual participation as well.
Thank you.

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There are are a few other features I wish they implement soon too:

-When you solve a particular problem at a mashup or a group then open the source problem or a duplicate elsewhere, it would be cool to know where you solved it earlier cause searching through old submissions can be very exhausting especially that codeforces api doesn't include mashup/group submissions.

-Option to delete a mashup, also a contest in a group.

-Option to delete a problem inside a mashup.

-Implement an easier way to rearrange problems inside a mashup instead of having to change the letters, maybe it can be like the manual way of rearranging test cases on polygon.

-If you have an access to some mashup and you lost the link then you can't find it anywhere so if there were a list of all mashups that you have access to that would be super cool.

-Difficulty of problems should be displayed inside each contest page too, it would help people to choose which contest to participate in virtually.

I have a few more suggestions but I will save them for another time.