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Hello, we are currently doing a private contest in our school group, which is selection test for our programming club. But we are at same situation for two days in a row, which is that after few minutes all of us gets 403 Forbidden at Codeforces. My guess is that we are somehow banned from the site as too many people are trying to connect using the same public Wi-Fi and the server thought that we are DDoS attacking, but the total amount of person participating didn't even exceeded 30. I am currently writing this article with my VPN on, and when we use our VPN or mobile data to connect then we have no issues. Does anyone knows something about this situation? Although our contest is already ruined at all, I strongly believe that this situation could happen to other peoples too, and those auto-bans should be at least more accurate.

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You were not the only one affected, I also got the temporarily unavailable message. I think there was some other problem with the website.

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    I know that it also happened, but we got the same issue after it was fixed.