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Did you watch ICPC Live Broadcast? What do you think about it? BTW we have telegram stickers!

We're looking for new broadcast formats, and I'd like to say a huge thank you to 20 viewers who were following pre-show broadcast from ICPC World Finals Registration and an even bigger THANK YOU to all who stopped by our red couch and joined the broadcast.

I thought it could be interesting to have a chat with medalists now, when all stress is gone and jetlag is over.

UPD: Tune into broadcast with Bronze Medalists MIPT on April 15 (in Russian, subs will be added eventually)

Next guests of this spontaneous broadcast are ICPC 2019 Bronze Medalists, Sharif University of Technology on April 16. Add the event to your calendar,

UPD2 On Sunday, April 21, at 20:00 MSK tune in for a live chat with World Champions MSU Red Panda!

Like and subscribe youtube.com/icpclive and twitch.tv/icpclive.

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Thanks a lot!This is quite useful to me!