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Hi all,

I am a student and having experience in Competition Programming. I am looking for a studying field that suit for me. Then, i decided to try in Machine Learning. that lead to me many questions:

  1. Is learning many algorithm, data structures is needed for this field?
  2. I'm not verry good at math, can i study it well?
  3. If i want to pursure it long-term, can anyone help me to write a study path ?

Thanks for reading. Sorry for my bad english and many stupid quesions :D

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  1. During your studies you will learn specific algorithms to handle Machine Learning issues. Don't worry, you'll learn them along the way.

  2. Well, it's recommended that you acquire a good foundation on these four subjects: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Computer Science. No need to become an expert in these subjects. A good foundation will do.

  3. After you manage to learn these basics, you can then start learning Data Science and Machine Learning.

In your case, since you're seeking knowledge in the area of Machine Learning, you could try these courses:

Intro to Machine Learning (Udacity)

Machine Learning (Stanford)

There are plenty more courses and sources out there, but these are a nice start!

Good studies!