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The "Recent actions" list on home page only contains the last 25 blog entries. There is a "Detailed->" link at the bottom but that takes us to a list of individual comments, and that too, it is limited.

I wanted a place where I can catch up on older CF blog entries, so I created this page:

It watches the blog entries periodically and adds them to an archive.

Some notes:

  • Mike may say this is not allowed
  • It will lag 5-10 minutes behind reality
  • It has some small differences with the actual list and I'm not 100% sure of all reasons. For example, CF may delete some posts or auto-hide them, etc., which I don't.
  • Sadly, it does not show handle rating colors :-(
  • Archiving started around Sep. 3, 2019. Data from those early days data may be buggy.

The source code is Feel free to clone, add issues, pull requests, etc. Note, I am a beginner in this coding platform, this was a fun project to put together some things I have learned.

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