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The coming Grand Prix of SPb happened to be in the same time with Codeforces Round based on Dasha Cup, with the Discover Riga and Discover Singapore camps by Moscow Workshops and with Izhevsk mirror of the Petrozavodsk training camp.

To deal with this issue:

  1. For teams participating in the camps the mirror of the Grand Prix will be the part of the competitions for both divisions. The results will be added to the OpenCup standings as the official ones.

  2. For other teams the Division 1 Grand Prix can be started virtually. Because of the experimental problems of special type the current Grand Prix will be held entirely on ejudge system. For Division 1 credentials are transferred from Yandex.Contest to the special server. Any team may start the virtual contest anytime before 11:00 Sep 22. For teams participating in the camps mentioned above using of this feature is prohibited.

Division 1 Virtual Contest:

If your login does not work, mail to [email protected] or send the message on Codeforces to me.

Additional changes for the OpenCup:

Starting from this season, Russian statements are optional and will be added mainly when they are one of primary for the problemset, or are used on the onsite contest. This is related to both divisions.

The sectors which are not used neither Yandex.Contest nor Opentrains nor Division2 logins for more than one full season are considered to be inactive.

More news are to come soon.

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