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Hi everybody! Happy "Navruz" and Happy "New Tajik Year" to everybody!!! "Navruz" means new day, it is believed that it brings, new life, happiness and fun to our lives. It is very long history to tell why and how it was and it is celebrated,but you can read about "Navruz" here in wikipedia ->

In Tajikistan we are celebrating "Navruz" and it's also our New Year. We celebrate "Navruz" with our national foods that we are preparing them only in "Navruz".For example "Sumalak". "Sumalak" is the ancient and one of the truly national dish of Tajiks that is cooked only for "Navruz"! It takes exactly one week for preparing it! 6 days for growing wheat and one whole day for cooking! Here is the photo of "Sumalak".

Again Happy Navruz and Happy New Tajik Year:)

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