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UPD: Userscript: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/393292-cf-view-hacked-code (tested on Chrome+Tampermonkey). Click at the hack ID to view the list of possible submission.

Known limitations:

  • Have to make a HTTP request for each defender.
  • Currently the script does not filter to a single submission, even when it's possible. When the user is logged in, the submission page contains information about the hack ID, so it's possible to make additional HTTP requests to get the submission pages.
  • Not tested in contest.
  • May take a long time (and some CPU) to replaces all the hack IDs with links.

Currently, the hacks page has a lot of columns, but none of them links to the actual submission.

The easiest way (I can find) to view the code is to go to the defender's submissions page then find the submissions of that problem.

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