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By YahiaSherif, history, 4 years ago, In English

Just received the following message : Attention!

Your solution 68541868 for the problem 1285D significantly coincides with solutions Hemose/68520332, YahiaSherif/68541868. Such a coincidence is a clear rules violation. Note that unintentional leakage is also a violation. For example, do not use with the default settings (public access to your code). If you have conclusive evidence that a coincidence has occurred due to the use of a common source published before the competition, write a comment to post about the round with all the details. More information can be found at Such violation of the rules may be the reason for blocking your account or other penalties. In case of repeated violations, your account may be blocked.

I the two solutions are not even close to being similar except for the Scanner which is used by most students in our University because it was implemented by a senior in our community here is the link to the Scanner class .

PLEASE HELP !!!!! All my problems are "skipped".

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What the hell? What is the algorithm behind code similarity checker?